Cranes for trucks

In the video above, you see an example of a crane for commercial vans - incredibly useful for loading and unloading equipment and goods in and out of your commercial vehicle.

01_Minikräne für  Nutzfahrzeuge02_Minikräne für das Verladen von Material in Nutzfahrzeuge03_Funktionierung der Minikräne

The van cranes, installed by Syncro System's New Zealand branch, are small, lightweight and durable. With a maximum capacity of 200kg, they are ideal for lifting even very heavy equipment and goods, without any risk to your safety or to that of the van. Loading and unloading is done by a remote control operating a 12 Volt electric winch. The extension of the arm (which is kept folded away to save space) and swinging it into position are both done manually.

For further information, and to find out more about the possibility of installing a crane on your van, ask the technicians of Van Extras, in New Zealand!

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