Valuable extra space is lurking where you probably least expect it: right under your feet! Beneath your van floor panel, there is enough space to add the innovative Syncro System sub-floorboard drawer unit. Made of heavy gauge steel, you can choose from three to six drawers (depending on the height of each container – 70 mm or 155 mm). The drawers can be further sub-divided by special aluminum inserts, and all drawers come complete with ball bearing glides and automatic locking mechanism. Just as their name implies, these drawers units are installed below the van floor panel. Syncro floor panels come in chequered plate aluminum or resin-coated marine plywood. Both create a flat sturdy floor on which you can easily work, conveniently load and unload cargo, and install Syncro System racking components.

01_Unterflurschubladenblöcke für Fahrzeuge02_UNTERFLURSCHUBLADEN03_ Schubladengriffe

The drawer unit can bear a total weight of 800 kg, while each individual drawer can hold up to 140 kg. They can face the back or side doors and are strategicallyhidden from prying eyes thanks to their concealed position in the vehicle. A great advantage, especially for those who transport expensive tools and equipment, which can easily attract the attention of would-be thieves.

01_ UNTERFLURSCHUBLADEN FUER NUTZFAHRZEUGE02_Nutzfahrzeuge mit Unterflurschubladen in Deutschland03_Unterflurlösung für kleine Transporter

And don't think that small-sized van cargos are not adapted for the sub-floorboard units.

Ask for a consultation by your local Syncro System's center technician and find the right solution of shelving, lockers and drawer units, specially sized for your van!

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