The Hyundai iLoad is a van built by the Hyundai Motor Company in South Korea and Indonesia. The 2nd-generation vehicle was introduced in 2007 with larger dimensions and much stronger CRDi engine than the first serie. The Hyundai iLoad in both van and crew van configuration is offered with the 129kW 2.4-litre petrol engine and five-speed manual transmission.
Clever optional twin-swing doors accept two fully laden pallets straight from a fork lift, whilst the standard single-piece tailgate lifts to create an awning allowing obstruction free loading from any side. Both solutions offer easy access to the cargo area which offers 2375 mm long, 1620 mm wide, 1350 mm high dimensions over a leaf sprung rear end giving a maximum 1.055 kg payload.
A spacious, usable area which could easily be fitted out with shelving or racks to suit almost any trade use imaginable.

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Hyundai ILoad van racking: panel floor in laminated wood resin coated, racks and drawer cabinets.

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Syncro System and Van Extras, the professional team for van racking: shelves, drawer cabinets, floor panels, utility accessories to convert your Hyundai in a mobile workshop.

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