The Fiat Scudo is a medium-sized van result of a joint venture between Fiat and PSA Peugeot Citroën. It has the same design as the Citroën Jumpy and Peugeot Expert. In 2007 was introduced new version and also new engine versions came available. The Scudo has a loading capacity from 850 to 900 kilograms (1,900–2,000 lb), including the driver, and load space of 4 cubic meters (140 cu ft) alone with an interior length of 2,059 mm (81 in). The unobstructed distance between wheel arches is 1,220 mm (48 in): these dimensions mean that 2 euro pallets can be loaded into the vehicle. The Scudo is built with a choice of two diesel engines and one gasoline. Diesel engines are either the 69 PS (51 kW; 68 hp) 1.9 D, or the 109 PS (80 kW; 108 hp) 2.0 JTD and the gasoline engine is 1,6 (1581 cc 58 kW).

Syncro System group has been in the van equipment business since 1996. We have manufactured and offered from the beginning in-vehicle storage systems, van interior protection, roof racks and accessory solutions for Fiat Scudo, fitting thousands of LCVs for tradesman, plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers, maintenance services, etc.

01_Fahrzeugeinrichtung Scudo in Deutschland02_Verkleidung Fiat Scudo 03_ Verkledeidung Fahrzeugrückwand und Innenverkleidung Fiat Scudo

Syncro product range comprises of phenolic or aluminium floors, side cladding in metal sheet or anodized aluminium, bulkhead lining, wheel arch covering and window guards.

01_Fahrzeugeinrichtung Scudo in Bamberg, Deutschland02_Regale fuer Scudo03_Transparenten Schublade fuer Scudo Fiat

With Syncro modular racking system you can store all your tools and equipment safely and neatly in a minimum amount of space inside your Fiat Scudo, thus leaving part of the loading bay available for additional transport.

01_Scudo Fiat als mobile Werkstatt02_Fahrzeugeinrichtung fuer Scudo Fiat in Deutschland03_Inneneinrichtung Scudo 04_ Syncro System in Deutschland richtet Fiat Scudo ein

Another example of Scudo van racking solution: on the left side drawers, shelves, lockers, service cases and van accessories whereas on the right you may see the transparent tilting boxes to exploit the space available above wheel arch.

01_Lastenträger Fiat Scudo 02_Dachtrager Scudo  in Deutschland03_Allzwecktrager Scudo Fiat

Safe and easy loading and unloading from the roof of your Scudo with Syncro System roof racking system: all roof racks, ladder racks and roof bar kits are provided with the patented SUPERSILENT roof bars for minimal noise and maximum aerodynamics.

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